Magnetic Levitating Pot Holder

This is my idea for a levitation pot holder. The idea is that the pot does not touch the supporting surface in any way. This keeps insects from crawling into your food. Combined with a lid this would be perfect for picnics or anywhere bugs are feared. It would also work well as a serving holder for any dinner table center piece or casual dining.


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Passenger Train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

One of the most greatly overlooked public transportation connections in the United States is the train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  This is probably a conspiracy, but out of respect for our overlords I will claim it is due to laziness by the American people.

Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Some of the reasons why this would be an important connection include:

Las Vegas is an important city.

Las Vegas is an entertainment destination.

Las Vegas is feeling left out.

There would be a savings for the future in terms of energy.

This would promote productivity in so far as giving motivation to workers.

My train includes storage room for ‘bins’ and large objects.  Elevated trains are easier to maintain in my opinion because they have fewer meeting points with the terrain which allow for the terrain to shift underneath.  Mag-lev trains are nice, but I always thought a mag-lev train enclosed in a vacuum tube would be even more efficient.

I would also include entertainment cars and even casino cars once the border has been crossed however the journey might not be long enough to bother.

Passenger Train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

-Nicholas Juntilla

email: nick(at)worldnick(dot)net


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Ride Upright Handle Bars

These handle bars are intended to make the experience of riding a bike more like driving a car or pushing a cart. When you ride upright you feel in command of the road and you are sitting in a comfortable position most of the time.

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Revolutionary Direct File Sharing Client Service

To fill in all the left over gaps in the internet all you would have to do is combine that registration service with an FTP (File sharing protocol) program that looks like AIM. The AIM-like client can send large files like music albums and videos directly to the names of each machine on their lists. The client would be like an FTP server and Client rolled into one, but be as simple as an instant messenger.

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Battery Swap Stations for Electric Cars

Just go to what used to be a gas station and have a robot arm lift out a battery and pop in a charged one. You might pay for subscriptions to different battery companies for use of their batteries or some other system. This is a simple solution to immediate recharges and range limitations on electric cars.

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Ideas for Real Time Strategy Games

This is basically a slider whereby you can set how aggressive your group is. A highly aggressive group would attack anything that is near. A fearful group would flee…In-Game Modification of the Terrain where a player might build a wall or dig a trench / tunnel…The idea of a map being completely different after a battle should not be unheard of.

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Bluetooth Memory Network – Proximity Watch

If at any time any of your devices leaves the range then your watch vibrates to alert you that the item is out of range. The stickers can also be placed in coat pockets, on children, on luggage or anything you would like to keep near.

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